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On-Line Training Workshops

What is an on-line training workshop?

  • These are LIVE-TIME, instructor led training workshops that P.A.R.A. hosts each and every month. They are held on-line, so you can access them from your work / home computer or even on your smart phone!

  • What are the benefits of an on-line training workshop?

  • Economical- P.A.R.A.'s on-line training workshops offer a cost effective way for you to earn your required annual training, in a format that licensing recognizes.

  • Convenient- From the comfort of your own home / office, you can sit back, relax and learn! Our on-line workshops are scheduled each and every month, giving you flexibility to attend.

  • Freedom to Choose- With a variety of course topics offered throughout the year, you can register and attend one on-line workshop or all of them!

  • How does it work?

  • Click to pay and register to attend. NOTE: On the FINAL payment screen, you will find a box that you can type in special instructions with your payment. YOU MUST TYPE THE WORKSHOP DATE YOU PLAN TO ATTEND IN THIS BOX!

  • Once payment is received, we will email your full instructions including an access code that will allow you entry to the meeting.

  • Payment for EACH person participating is required. Example: If you pay for yourself to attend, but three of you actually sit at your computer to participate, you are the only one that will receive a certificate. Each certificate must contain a raised, embossed seal. Photocopies are NOT valid or accepted by licensing.

  • Item# OLT-001

    * On-Line Training  - This fee is for registration for one on-line workshop registration.   Cost: $15 per person

    On-Line Workshop Dates

    On-Line Topic:

    Dealing with Stress in Childcare

    There are currently no on-line training dates scheduled, check back for updates!

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