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Training That Fits The Bill (AND Minimum Standards)

With the passing of Senate Bill 265 in late spring 2011, a law now specifies eligibility criteria for a trainer in the state of Texas. The new law specifies that a trainer must fall into at least one of seven categories of trainer eligibility. P.A.R.A. Childcare Training is owned and operated by Amy Moore, a Texas based Early Childhood Education Trainer. P.A.R.A. / Amy Moore has provided training across Texas since 2005 and meets the requirement criteria in two separate categories specified by law. All certificates contain a Texas Trainer Statement of Eligibility that meets the requirement for supplying necessary info to childcare licensing. When you use P.A.R.A. Childcare Training to help meet your annual training requirements, you can train with confidence that your training really does....fit the bill!

P.A.R.A. is dedicated to providing Practical, Accurate, Reliable, and Applicable training resources for childcare providers. Our training materials meet and exceed the annual requirements for license renewal, and are accepted in MOST states. We suggest that if you do not live in Texas, you take a quick look at your licensing standards before selecting your courses.

Our commitment is to the childcare professionals that we reach through our educational materials, and the children they care for. If we can find ways through training to both educate and inspire you, then we are also making a positive impact in the lives of the children you care for!


  • TRAINING WORKSHOPS – P.A.R.A. travels to various locations in Texas throughout the year hosting conference style training workshops. We combine 4 clock hours of instructor led / workshop time along with a variety of independent study hours. We offer several different registration packages to help meet your specific training needs and all area value priced! Click here for more details or to register today!

  • ON-SITE TRAINING WORKSHOPS – This training option will bring P.A.R.A. directly to your center! Just like the training workshops held at various locations, this option offers 4 clock hours of workshop / instructor led time along with an additional 16 clock hours of independent study. The cost is only $45 per person for 20 clock hours! With a limited number of training dates for this type of training, you will want to book your center’s on-site training well in advance. Click here to contact us regarding an on-site training...

  • INDEPENDENT STUDY VALUE PACKAGE - This training option offers you 20 clock hours of independent study for one low price! Click here for more information...

  • 24 Clock Hour Pre-Service Training Packet - Value priced at only $55 this packet offers 24 clock hours of independent study material that fits the categories set forth by Childcare Licensing in the state of Texas. Click here to view packet details

  • INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSES – P.A.R.A. offers a large selection of independent study courses that can be purchased individually and completed at home, at your own pace. This is a convenient way to earn your state required clock hours. Click here for a complete course list

  • ONLINE TRAINING WORKSHOPS – Beginning Spring 2012, P.A.R.A. will begin offering another convenient, economical way to earn instructor led / workshop clock hours. Click here for more information...

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    Workshop Dates

  • 11th - Denton
  • 18th Pearland
  • 25th - Grand Prairie

  • February:
  • 1st - Austin
  • 8th - Dallas
  • 15th - Sugar Land
  • 22nd - Allen
  • 29th - San Antonio

  • March:
  • 14th - N. Houston / 1960 W.
  • 28th - The Woodlands

  • April:
  • 4th- Denton
  • 18th - Grand Prairie
  • 25th - Pearland

  • May:
  • 2nd- Austin
  • 9th - San Antonio
  • 16th - Allen
  • 23rd - Dallas
  • 30th - Sugar Land

  • June:
  • 6th - N. Houston / 1960 W.
  • 20th - The Woodlands

  • Need CEU's

    Please note that CEU's provided by P.A.R.A. are not transferable to college credits. They are used by our company as a way to help ensure successful completion and accountability of course material completed by childcare providers / teachers. In many cases our CEU's are accepted by other companies for CDA or credential renewal but each organization has their own renewal policies and we recommend that you check on this before registration or course purchase. Thank you!

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