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Available Courses

Item# cct8-002

* Early Childhood Educator / Childcare Provider Pre-Service Training Packet - This economical independent study package provides 24 clock hours that qualify for pre-service training for TEXAS childcare providers. Topics Include: Self Esteem in Early Childhood Classrooms, Facility Safety, Boundaries and Structure in the Childcare Setting, Cooties: They DO Exist!, Transportation Safety, Creative Classroom Centers, SIDS, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Baby's Brain Development, Creative Play, Discipline in Childcare. Cost $55

Item# cct8-001

* 20 Clock Hour Value Package   - This package by far gives you more for your money! Topics included: SIDS-SBS-Baby's Brain Development, Cooties: They Do Exist!, Manners and Toddlers, Creative Play, Facility Safety, Transportation Safety, Daycare on a Dime, Building Positive Parent / Caregiver Relationships.   NOTE: This is 20 hours of independent study, NOT a workshop registration. If registering for an upcoming workshop, please click on the link titled: "Workshops" at the top of this page.  Cost: $45.95

Item# cct2-020

* Child Abuse, Neglect, Sexual Abuse; Awareness and Prevention Tips for Early Childhood Educators (1 Clock Hour)  - This course meets the state requirement for one clock hour of education and awareness and will provide you with facts, statistics, as well as tips for prevention, information on reporting and helping a child cope after abuse.   Cost: $10

Item# cct2-012

* Daycare On A Dime (2 Clock Hours)  - This course takes a look at budget basics and money saving tips and ideas to help your business thrive financially.  Cost: $10

Item# cct2-001

* SIDS, Shaken Baby Syndrome, & Baby's Brain Development (2 Clock hours, one of which can be used in the "Staff Development" category.) - This is a required annual course in Texas and many other states. This course covers basic facts for each category, and prevention tips. Cost: $10

Item# cct2-002

* Building Positive Parent / Caregiver Relationships (2 Clock Hours) - This course focuses on long term business success and how it relates to building good, positive relationships with parents. Cost: $10

Item# cct3-001

* Positive Staff Reinforcers, With A Lesson In Communication (3 Clock hours) - This course was written to help you find new, positive ways to communicate with your staff, and creative ways to show appreciation.Cost $13

Item# cct4-001

* Self Esteem In Early Childhood Classrooms (3 Clock Hours) - This course focuses on what a caregiver needs to know about the development of a child's self-esteem, and offers creative ways to help build it. Cost: $13

Item# cct1-001

* USDA Food Guidelines (1 Clock Hour) - This is a basic overview of daily requirements for small children, and creative ways to help meet them. Cost: $6

Item# cct3-002

* Toddlers: Boundaries and Structure (3 Clock Hours) - This course covers how important boundaries and structure are to toddlers, with many tips and ideas for setting them. Cost: $13

Item# cct3-014

* Cooking With Toddlers (2 Clock Hours), Kitchen safety (1 Clock Hour) - This course focuses on the education value of cooking with children, as well as the importance of kitchen safety.Cost: $10

Item# cct2-003

* Obesity In Children: The Facts, and Ideas For Prevention (2 Clock hours) - This course was written to express the importance of awareness in our pre-school settings, and also to offer creative, fun ways to make a positive influence on a child's health. Cost $10

Item# cct4-002

* ADHD In The Classroom (4 Clock hours) - This course is designed to provide factual, medical findings on ADHD, and creative ways to make a diagnosed child's day, and your day easier. Cost $16

Item# cct3-003

* Asthma In Children (3 Clock Hours) - This course will educate you on asthma. What causes asthma, it's symptoms, ways to avoid an attack, and treatment methods. Cost $13

Item# cct3-004

* Food And Behavior (3 Clock hours) - The focus of this course is to bring awareness to the many studies on food and behavior, their findings, and ideas for healthy alternatives. Cost $13

Item# cct2-004

* Fitness For Children ( 2 Clock Hours) - This course focuses on the need for fitness for all ages, developmentally appropriate fitness goals, and creative ideas for achieving them. Cost: $10

Item# cct3-005

* Teaching Toddlers Fire Safety ( 3 Clock Hours) - This course focuses on creative ways to educate small children about fire safety. Cost: $10

Item# cct5-001

* Cooties! They DO Exist! (5 Clock Hours) - This is an overview course, offering basic medical information on many of the communicable diseases, and tips on how to reduce or prevent them. Cost: $18

Item# cct2-005

* Creative Play ( 2 Clock Hours) - This course teaches the importance of creative play, and ways to foster a toddler’s imagination. Cost: $10

Item# cct3-006

* SIDS (3 Clock Hours) - This course takes an in depth look, and offers ideas for reducing the risk of SIDS in your facility. Cost: $13

Item# cct3-007

* Shaken Baby Syndrome (3 Clock Hours) - This course offers an in depth look at Shaken Baby Syndrome, including signs, symptoms, and tips for prevention. Cost: $13

Item# cct3-008

* Manners and Toddlers (3 Clock Hours) - This course will help give you the tools needed to begin to develop great manners among the children in your care, and explain some of the different ways that manners can affect your childcare center. Cost: $13

Item# cct2-006

* Music and Movement- Fun Songs and Dance Along's! (2 Clock Hours) - This course offers great ideas for implementing music and movement into your daily curriculum. Cost: $10

Item# cct3-009

* Potty Training (3 Clock Hours) - This course will help you to understand the challenges of potty training, and offer tips and ideas for training success. Cost: $13

Item# cct2-007

* Toddlers and Biting ( 2 Clock Hours) - Learn why some children bite, and how to resolve biting issues in your childcare center. Cost: $10

Item# cct2-008

* Creative Classroom Centers (2 Clock Hours) - This course offers creative new ideas to help keep your classroom fun and functional for you and the children you care for! Cost: $10

Item# cct4-003

* Discipline In Childcare (3 clock hours) - This course offers age appropriate information on common toddler behavioral issues, and offers ideas and solutions for dealing with them. Cost: $13

Item# cct3-010

* Field Trips: Safety and Fun! (3 Clock Hours) - Field trip ideas for different age groups, and safety standards that can help to reduce the risk of injury or incident. Cost: $13

Item# cct3-011

* Toddlers and Positive Reinforcement ( 3 clock Hours) - This course covers age appropriate behavioral, educational, and social issues, and creative ways to help reinforce positive results in each area. Cost:$13

Item# cct3-012

* Sleep, Are You Getting Enough? (3 Clock Hours) - In this course, you will learn just how important sleep is, and the effects that a lack of sleep can have on the caregiver or the child. Cost: $13

Item# cct2-009

* The Mandatory Meeting (2 Clock Hours) - Utilizing mandatory meetings to strengthen, educate, and build morale for your staff. Cost: $10

Item# cct2-010

* Accident and Illness (2 Clock Hours) - Good ideas for procedures and documentation. Cost: $10

Item# cct3-013

* Severe Weather Safety ( 3 Clock Hours) - This course covers safety procedure requirements and ideas for handling severe weather situations at your facility. Cost: $13

Item# cct2-011

* Facility Safety (2 Clock Hours) - This course covers safety measures that can be taken to help reduce the risk of serious injury, and ideas for making your facility safer. Cost: $10

Item# cct2-012

* Transportation Safety (2 Clock Hours) - Transportation Safety for Texas Early Childhood - Educators/Providers Cost: $10

Item# cct3-014

* Success in Childcare; Policies and Procedures (3 Clock Hours) - This course highlights the importance of having policies and procedures in your center. You will learn the different areas of your business to include policies on as well as examples of policies that should be included. Cost: $13

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